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1817 Picturesque Views of Ramsgate           

 by Henry Moses

A5 £3.99
Price including Postage

A4 £6.99
Price including Postage

30+ Printed Pages with over 20 etchings. Card cover

This is a little gem of a book I'm afraid an original would probably set you back about £500. We are very lucky that an artist engraver and etcher of Moses's calibre chose to illustrate Ramsgate at this early period in time. Etchings include: - The advanced head of the East Pier - the old head of the East Pier - Several views of the Harbour - Pier House - Cliff House - Isabella baths - Harbour Parade, East India Coffee House, Castle Tavern - Lighthouse - Jacobs Ladder (Wooden) - Ramsgate Windmill

Sample Pages