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ISBN     9781907369261


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This book is a combination four booklets published in the late 1980s, it contains an exact copy of each booklet including the front covers that are black and white on the original booklets.
The page numbering is from the original booklets, if I had changed it to new numbering running through the whole book it could have caused confusion, perhaps I have caused a different type of confusion doing it this way but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The cover is a bit more quirkiness from me, the back cover shows the second Queens Head in Ramsgate, before it was demolished and the present one rebuilt in 1921. You will notice that at that time what is now harbour parade was a narrow street, opposite the pub is the back of the harbour trustees committee rooms demolished in 1890.

The front cover shows a picture of the Queens Head as it is now, taken by me in some haste this morning, I did my best on rather a dull day, the angles are a bit strange as I had to take it from one side to avoid a car that was in the way and then straighten it out in the computer.

The book or books, depending on how you look at it, have given me considerable enjoyment and I have learnt a great deal about our pubs that I didn't already know.

For me the fact that it was written before the demise of the English public house became seemingly unstoppable, adds to its appeal and makes it an important historical document.