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September 2020 Thanetonline blogTitle 1   |   Tuesday 8th Some Ramsgate photos from 2010 and some from today plus a ramble

Tuesday 8th Some Ramsgate photos from 2010 and some from today plus a ramble
Back in 2010 the main issue in Ramsgate was the design for the new building on the slipways and of course the demolition of the slipways. First bit of this post show some of the photos I put up back in 2010 showing mockups of what we might expect understandbly a lot of people didn't like it .

Of course the development never happened and like so many things in Ramsgate we now have ongoing mess . Whether there's a solution to our ongoing messes I really just don't know Pleasurama has been a mess for so long and it's now being built on although frankly the plans are not what would be allowed in a normal town with a normal administration.

A major issue at the moment is both Blogger and Facebook have changed their formats this makes it much more difficult for me to post in both places so just at the moment I'm considering switching the whole thing onto my website and just linking up to Blogger and Facebook.
This is the easiest way for me to do it and frankly at the moment I'm very busy with the great A-level fiasco And having two children who having passed their a levels will be heading off to University in the next couple of weeks .

A few pictures of pinball parlour in Addington St from 2010 how the world changes.

Back in the day the very direct shut your face was an invitation to fight and of course now it seems that for some people face masks fall into the same bracket.
Here in the book shop we are still closed and will remain closed until I can find some way of operating in a comfortable and pleasant way . An issue for us is that the book shop doesn't actually make a profit so being closed isn't too painful on the financial front . The real thing that is stopping us opening is doing assessments of books people want to sell , either from the back of their cars or from their houses . There really is no sensible answer to a phone call that goes something along the lines of . “ granny has died of coronavirus do you fancy buying her books ” .
Another aspect is how a small independent shopkeeper could easily deal with Covidiots,

A few rather random pictures from my evening walk mostly really to test out some combination of publishing to the Internet mostly using voice recognition to see  how I can connect the whole thing up to Facebook and keep people vaguely amused .
My computing equipment hasn't quite got to the Star Trek level and today's photos are pretty bad my comment here would be “beam me up Scotty”