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Ramsgate and Broadstairs 1890           

First published 1890
40 + Printed Pages A4 format with card cover.
ISBN : 9781905477593
Price including Postage

This book is the result of a pile of old single page copies lent to me by a friend. I am afraid that the quality of the originals was fairly low. Having looked at it I realised that some of the material was so unusual that I ought to get it into print. I have done my best to enhance both the text and images and I hope that you will agree with me that the result is adequate. It is my intention to try and track down a copy of the original and produce a better edition in the future, however this is the type of Victorian book that is becoming increasingly hard to find.

From the text and photographs you will probably agree that the original book was published in about 1890 making this an ideal companion to the two Ramsgate directories also published by us. “Ramsgate and St. Lawrence a Private Residents and Business Directory for 1887-1888” and “Ramsgate and St. Lawrence a Street Directory for 1887-1888”

Chapters include: -
“Ramsgate a pleasant town to winter in - There is one amongst our own English watering-places which is not sufficiently known as a winter resort, and that one is Ramsgate. This town enjoys several natural advantages, which are briefly referred to under the following heads: -
Temperature, Snow, Fog, Rainfall and Sunshine”
The Health of Ramsgate, Justice, What the London Medical Recorder says of Ramsgate, Ramsgate as a winter resort, The Goodwin Sands, The Sailors and Smack Boys’ Homes, The Streets, Chatham House College, The Churches, St. Lawrence, The Steamboats, Wagonette and Brake excursions, The Proposed New Road – with picture.
Section on Broadstairs and throughout the book dozens of Advertisements of traders in the towns.