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The solution to the problem of gravity

For some time I have been thinking about producing a website covering my own interests and ideas so I set up a Google Blogger hosted blog link to blog. When I first started blogging about local issues back in 2007 the internet was a much easier place. For several years I was able to have open and anonymous comments, those days are long gone, so I set up a Facebook group where people can comment. link to facebook group

Today, Christmas Eve 2020 I bought the .com domain name from 123 for about £20 set it up so I could publish to it and about an hour later it works.

The £20 includes domain forwarding and probably more stuff for 1 year and I guess if this comes to anything I will put it on it’s own sever and publish to it directly.
There are aspects of being able to do this that have implications and responsibilities and since I posted some stuff about coronavirus of Facebook groups that cover this area geographically (bottom right of England, in the UK, East Kent) I realised that anyone who wants to can make up anything the like, without considering the consequences – even if those consequences mean more people will die of coronavirus.  

Today it’s the problem of gravity, this problem defeated people like Einstein so for the purposes of this please don’t Google “dunning–kruger effect” here we go.
Gravity explained without any maths – proof – mundane stuff like that, for ordinary people.

The universe is expanding. Everything is expanding, you the ruler you measure things with, earth, planets, stars, black holes and stuff. This was caused by an explosion called the “Big Bang”

Gravity is caused by the amount everything is expanding accelerating, G-force if you like, this should be seen as the rate of acceleration, like a sports car, plane or rocket accelerating. The size everything can reach has no limit, but you can’t measure this because you and your ruler and the atoms you and your ruler are expanding at the same rate.

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