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Books about Ramsgate Margate Broadstairs and East Kent
1736 The History and Antiquities as well Ecclesiastical as Civil of the Isle of Tenet, in Kent The Second Edition, With Additions.
A Description of the Isle of Thanet 1763
1779  The Kentish Traveller's Companion
An Historical report on Ramsgate Harbour 1791
1800 The Isle of Thanet
The New Margate, Ramsgate, and Broadstairs Guide 1809
Delineations Historical and Topographical of the Isle of Thanet and the Cinque Ports 1817 18
1817 Picturesque Views of Ramsgate
A Short Account of the Isle of Thanet 1817
1820 Picture of Margate and Its Vicinity
The Hermit of Dumpton Cave
Gostlings Canterbury walk 1825
1828 Kent's Topographer. A New & Complete History of The Isle Of Thanet from The Earliest Records to The Present Time. Including Every Modern Improvement. Embellished with a Series of Views From Original Drawings. With Historical Topographical Critical & Biographical Delineations
1831 The Picturesque Pocket Companion To Margate Ramsgate Broadstairs & Parts Adjacent
1836 Mockett's Journal
Picturesque Excursion to Margate Ramsgate and Broadstairs and their Neighbourhoods
Lady Montefiore's Cookbook 1846
The Antiquities of Richborough 1850
The Antiquities of Reculver
1864 Ash Next Sandwich
All About Ramsgate and Broadstairs 1864
History of Deal 1864
1866 All About Margate and Herne Bay
The New Ramsgate Guide for 1867
The Album of Margate Views
Margate Guide 1874
Ramsgate Guide 1874
Tourist's Complete Guide to the Isle of Thanet and Neighbourhood
Storm Warriors 1879
1882 A Gossiping Guide
1882 Catalogue of Sporting Guns Rifles, Etc
Fragments of History - Ramsgate
Folkestone and its Neighbourhood
Keble's Penny Guide to Margate and the Isle of Thanet 1885
The Manor of Minster and Other Estates
Memorials of the Goodwin Sands 1890
Ramsgate and Broadstairs 1890
Historic Thanet by James Simson 1891
The Log of a Sky Pilot 1893
1893 A History of the Ville of Birchington
The History and Antiquities of the Church and Parish of St Laurence Thanet in the County of Kent
Ramsgate Illustrated 1895
1897 ZZG or the Zig Zag Guide
The Cry From The Sea and the Answer From The Shore
Breezy Broadstairs
Pictures of Ramsgate in the 1800s
Forty Views of Victorian Ramsgate
Views Of Late Victorian Ramsgate
Photographs of old Ramsgate
A Collection of Old Pictures of Ramsgate
Isle of Thanet Guide 1901
Descriptive Guide to Ramsgate and Margate Illustrated with 12 Coloured Views
1904 Historical Notes on the Parish of St. Peter the Apostle in Thanet.
John Heywoods Illustrated Guide To Ramsgate
John Heywoods Illustrated Guide To Margate
Margate and Westgate With Birchington 1903-04
Ramsgate & Broadstairs By Camera & Pen 1904 1905
Ramsgate Illustrated Photographic Views of Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs circa 1906
Kent at the Opening of the 20th Century
Ramsgate a Complete Holiday Resort
Ramsgate During the Great War 1914-1918 A Souvenir of the Most Raided Part of England
Broadstairs and St Peters During The Great War of 1914-1918
Ramsgate Raid Records. 1914 18
Thanets Raid History
The North Foreland Lookout Post in the Great War 1915-1917
Dover and the War 1914-1918
1919 The War Zone in England, Thanet 1914-1918
Cockburn's Diary Ramsgate Life in the First Word War
Birchington Great War Patriotic Record
The Romance of Richborough 1921
Westgate on Sea Guide Circa 1923
A Most Strange and Curious Guide To Broadstairs
Ramsgate The Sunspot of the South 1927
Ramsgate and Historical Thanet
Ramsgate Official Guide 1929
Pictorial Amusement Guide To Margate
Birchington In Thanet Kent
Recollections - Ramsgate Cartoons
Discovering Thanet In Pictures
The Cinque Ports Country
Leslie Fuller's Pedlers Souvenir Program The Clifton Concert Hall
Ramsgate for 1934
Dreamland Cinema 1935
Ramsgate in 1936 - Introduced by Sonny Spot
Herne Bay Official Guide 1936 & Herne Bay Views circa 1880
1937 Sunny Broadstairs
400 Facts and Curiosities of Ramsgate 1937
Tales of Old Ramsgate
1939 Ramsgate new Holiday Recipe Book
Dangerous Coastline 1939-1945
Ramsgate August 1940
1946 Midst Bands and bombs
Ramsgate The Kent Coast At Its Best 1946
St Laurence Old and New 1946
Introducing Margate Official Guide 1949
Broadstairs 1949
Ramsgate 1962
Ramsgate 1966
A Welcome Awaits You at Herne Bay
Snippets From Broadstairs and St Peters
The Ramsgate Story
Cartoon History Ramsgate
Thanet Pubs
The Ramsgate Tunnels: Main Line Public Airraid Shelter & Scenic Railway
A Ramsgate Boy's Memories of the Second World War
1997 Twilight Of Pistons
Thanet From The Air
2006 The Petrified Haystack of Broadstairs
The Small Happy Family of Broadstairs
Broadstairs Harbour
A Fateful Finger of Iron
Adventures in Shrimpville  Pegwell Bay 1760 1916
Ramsgate's Answer to Turner & Tracey
Ramsgate From The Ground
Footpaths of Thanet
Weather Here Wish You Were Lovely
Heart Of Southwood
A Beginners Guide to Bathing at Broadstairs
From Wind To Power
A Boatman's Tale
Childrens Convalescent Homes Of Broadstairs
The Mansion of Mirth - Sandgate as Seen Through the Eyes of the Alhambra Music Hall and Rex Cinema
Occasional Ramsgate Writings
Alpha and Better a Modern History of St Nicholas at Wade
Postcards of Ramsgate
Ramsgate All Change
Adventures in Oysterville
The Ripper in Ramsgate
Minster Rambles
Moaning Minnie - Thanet's Civil Defence Sirens Revised Edition
KT6 - An informal history of the 6th (Thanet) Battalion of the Kent Home Guard
Invicta Motor Cycle Club and Biking in the Sixties
A History of Ramsgate Harbour and Guide To Its Existing Features
A Chronicle Celebrating the Bi-Centenary of "The Chuch on the Corner of Hardress Street" 1811-2011
The Granville Hotel - The Story of the Granville Hotel Ramsgate 1869-2012
A History of the Ramsgate Fishing Industry
Ramsgate And Beyond
Scrapbook of the War
The Granville Hotel - Revisited
Telling Tales
In Search of the Broadstairs Shipbuilding Industry
St Peters and the Forgotten Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens
A Tale of Ramsgate Dairyman - No Yoke for the Milkman
Fading Benchmarks - Thanets Ordnance Survey Benchmarks
My Thanet Boyhood
Breezin' Down to Broadstairs
Construction of Ramsgate Harbour 1749 - 1985 - Robert Matkin
Smacks to Steamers - A History of Ramsgate Fishing Industry 1850-1920
The Sundowner Story
Thanet Seamarks
Thanet Places - The People Concerned and the Things They Did
The Life and Times of Uncle Macks Minstrels
Minster In Thanet
Summer Entertainment
Moaning Minnie Britains Civil Defence Sirens
Isle of Thanet Theatres
Isle of Thanet Entertainers
Remembering Margate Jetty and The Marine Palace
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